VINTERGATA - Lands of Plague CD

Pagan / Black Metal


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Pagan / Black Metal from Russia

1. In Steel Breath of Severe Cold     
2. Pestilent Carrion (feat Svetlana SilentStorm)     
3. Mirror of Archon (feat Robert Darken)     
4. Wyvern     
5. A Song of Ice and Fire (feat Nataly Malice)     
6. Queen of the Damned     
7. Entropy (feat Tristessa)     
8. Witches Circle (feat Svetlana SilentStorm)     
9. Fra Vannhulet i Sitt Skarete Hjerte     
10. The Curse     
11. Death in Fire (Amon Amarth Cover)     
12. All We Are (Doro, Warlock Cover)     
13. A Song of Ice and Fire (Orchestral 2012)     
14. The Curse (Orchestral 2012)     
15. Litanies to The Moon

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